What’s POPPO Blog

“POPPO Blog” is a blog delivered by members of Studio POPPO.
In addition, contents such as “game play diary”, “movie review”, “psychology”, “entertainment introduction” and etc. are also being expanded one by one!

To the contents introduction of POPPO Blog
Studio POPPO develops applications for smartphones.
Studio POPPO’s original manga has also been released.

Released application

Adventurers School
(Training game for Android)


Attack of White Cat
(Action RPG for Android)

Link below: Download application
Studio POPPO’s Application Download Site

Applications under development

Mysterious Nuts
(Casual Game for Android)

From the link above, you can check the development status of the application.

Appearance of Studio POPPO members in blog.

Ranmaru Yanagisawa draws an illustration in this blog.
The Appearance of the members in the illustration resembles the character used in PSO2.(It is different from the real Appearance)

(Above: Characters of Azusa / Bottom: Characters of Ranmaru)

Cheer thank you.

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