Contents Introduction

Applications Information

These are information on applications developed by Studio POPPO.


These are free posts like a chat written by A members.


These are manga drawn by Ranmaru Yanagisawa which is a member of Studio POPPO.
App tips and Ranmaru’s “In one word does not end” section are also written in the post.

Game Play Diary

These are play diary of various games.
Mainly playing online games, PC games, NES and etc.

Movie Review

These are reviews of movies.
Since we are evaluating movies, please refer to them when watching a movie.
Texts below “Spoiler Alert” may contain spoiler.


These are posts written about psychology.
We collected psychological effects that you can easily try.


These are introducing entertainment, animation, games and others.

Useful information

These are helpful information on blog opening and application development.
These information is for beginners.


Download application developed by Studio POPPO from here.

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